Thursday, 30 August 2012

Updates due

So neither of us has been very good at keeping up with our blog! But here I am (J) with an update......firstly we had a fab holiday in Rhodes, secondly we had a fab time at Marek's wedding in Warsaw and thirdly the girls appear not to be moving to Scotland anymore.

So Rhodes was hot hot hot! we stayed in a fab little house with its own pool just outside of Lindos. We hired a quad bike to get us around as it wasn't really a sensible walkable distance in going out shoes plus it was so hot - did I say that already?? It was fun. We spent most of our days lazing by the pool and then when it had cooled down (ever so slightly) late afternoon we headed to a local beach and snorkelled. Evenings were either spent going out for a meal in Lindos or going for a drink in Pefki and picking up a take away.

We got home, went back to work for 4 days and then had to pack our bags again to go to Marek's wedding in Warsaw. That was huge fun. I got to see where Mr D works and stays when he is out there. Bit of a grim place but the people that I met were very nice. Then on Friday afternoon, Mr D and I and one of his team headed to the wedding venue. We had massages, drinks, more drinks, food, more drinks and then fell into bed. Saturday was spent on a pedalo and swimming before getting ready for the wedding which took place late in the afternoon. Polish weddings are something else! They eat and drink and dance and then eat and drink and dance some more. We went to bed at 2.30 am, but apparently the bride and groom didnt make it to bed until 7 am!! Sunday was spent lazing around, chatting about the day before and then....yes you guessed it.....more food!

And then we got the news that the sale of his ex's house had fallen through yet again and that his beloved daughters wouldn't be moving 300 miles away! Mixed emotions from us as we had finally got our heads around them going and had set plans in place to fill our time when they were gone. But also hugely pleased as, hopefully, now that they are staying local to us we won't lose the bonds we have with them that would naturally have weakened with distance.

With good news always comes bad and Mr D's job doesn't get any easier. He is still travelling and still dealing with the usual politics that come around in big businesses. But we will get him through it and are now through the 3 year countdown....he know's what i mean even if you don't!

anyhooo, hopefully either of us will post again before too long!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A week in the sun...

Just come back from a short break in Greece. I have been working there on a project for the last year. It was nice for J to finally see all the places that we have spoken of over the months.

It was an amazing rest and was idyllic coming on the back of four weeks of purgatory at work.